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DCI's Database & Client/Server World

Knowledge Is Power…and This Is the Place to Get IT!

General Information

Today, your company’s enterprise is one of its most valuable assets. In fact, the growth and productivity of the business may very well depend on the size and power of your network, DBMS, and general management of information. Keeping up with new technology, upgrades, application development, user training and more is a constant battle and strain on information service organizations. Guess What? It’s only going to get worse…or better, depending on your point-of-view. That’s where you come in!


  • Upcoming Database & Client/Server World Dates:
    Chicago, December 9-11
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    DCI's Database & Client/Server World:

    Chicago, December 9-11
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Education, Instruction and Product Knowledge…that’s where DCI’s Database & Client/ Server World comes in, delivering quality corporate education and training in the IT fast lane. Highly qualified instructors will provide you with the latest updates on What’s Hot and What’s Not…unbiased, best practice, expert advice you can implement today.

Who Should Attend

IS Professionals
  • CIOs, CTOs, IS Directors
  • IS/IT Managers, Business Managers
  • DBMS Designers and Implementers
  • Data, Database and System Administrators
  • Data and Systems Analysts
  • Database Application Programmers
  • Database Consultants
  • Webmasters
Developer Community
  • Commercial Developers
  • Corporate and In-House Developers
  • Custom Solution Builders
  • Component Assemblers

Conference Overview

Over 100 Focused Conference Sessions--

Expert instructors tell IT all, from DBMS and data mining to software development, from Intranets, Extranets and eCommerce to PCs and Network Computing and much more!

See what's really involved in implementing and using today's hottest technologies---DBMS, server technologies, middleware, client/server technologies, distributed computing, and client/server packaged solutions, business rules, and data modeling.

You can’t stay competitive without a thorough understanding of Internet technologies and a strategy to fit your needs. Focus on building, implementing and managing Internet based applications, eCommerce, intranets and extranets, network computing, and learn why NC will replace PCs in the 21st Century.

Discover successful approaches to building and accessing the cleanest and best organized warehouses data marts. Data mining and Certification Programs are also a key ingredient of this conference.

Component-based software technology is revolutionizing the way developers think about software. Get the latest on managing component development, repositories, leveraging components to contribute to enterprise and hyper-tier applications, and the new generation of visual modeling.

Powerhouse Keynotes and Presentations

Hear What’s Hot and What’s Not From Industry Luminaries:

  • Phil White - Informix
  • John Swainson - IBM
  • Grady Booch - Rational
  • Chris Date - Independent Consultant
  • James Utzschneider - Microsoft
  • Kim Polese - Marimba
  • Mitchell Kertzman - Sybase
  • Andrew Filipowski - Platinum
  • Judith Hurwitz - The Hurwitz Group
  • Doug Michels - SCO
  • David Chappell - Chappell and Associates
  • David McGoveran - Alternative Technologies

The World’s Visionary IT Exposition!

See All the Latest Tools and Technologies to Take Your Enterprise to the Next Level.

Hundreds of Exhibits & Demo’s -

DBMS, Database Structures and the Internet, Client/Server Toolsets, Middleware, Business Rules, Architectures, Data Modeling, Internet/intranet/extranets, Internet Enterprise Development & Deployment, Java, eCommerce, Network Computing, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Data Mining, Year 2000, HRMS, Component Technologies, OO CASE Tools, Methodologies for UML Development, OO Repositories, CASE and BPR, Testing and Measurement for OO CASE Projects and much more!

The World's Leading IT Companies!

Take a look at the exhibitor list for the Chicago event.

Meeting Site and Hotel Information

Meeting Site:

Navy Pier
600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL

Host Hotels:

Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
Chicago Hilton & Towers

Hotel and Travel Information

CALL CATS 800-767-2755 or visit CATS web site at www.CATStravel.com

DCI is pleased to offer you special discounted* hotel room rates at our events and discounted* airfare to our events on designated airline carriers. To receive discounted reservations or information on CATS services, please call Conference and Travel Services (CATS) at 800-767-2755.

Check back in September for our full conference program!

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